Masterkey Experience Week 6

Do I love the gal in the glass?

I had to get out the lipstick. But this time it wasn’t for love notes from mom (me) to my kids (long gone from home) that I was leaving so that the first thing they would see in the morning was themselves in a heart on the mirror or a “you can do it” or a simple ” I love you”. It was a note from me to me. A note I wished someone else would have left, or would leave. But it’s just me at home now, and so to keep the “gal in the glass” safe from self-condemnation for a job poorly done a time or two, I had to remind her that she is still loved in her imperfect state. The more I can love her, the more love she will have to heal and triumph and give to others. The more that I can love her for who she is right now, the less she will feel like she has to please others to be loved or accepted. The deeper I can love her , the more sincere she may become. ” I will greet this day with love in my heart . And most of all I will love myself” I’ve read for a week now. I read it, but I didn’t react to it until my challenges began to get the better of me and I couldn’t look at the “gal in the glass” without being disappointed in myself. I was just going through motions this week without feeling , effort, or care because to become numb is something I’ve done to get through life. It’s the old blueprint of survival but not one of a thriving life.

I’ve no memory as child of ever being hugged, held, kissed, or praised by a parent….but there’s still a child in me somewhere who needs loved and as the old saying goes “the best place for a child to begin to learn is from home.” Or “train up a child in the way he shall go ” so I’m here with my inner-child and only I can give her the love that she needs. So after I have that good cry I’ve been holding back, I will re-read those words from Og with more care and I will love her and there will be lipstick on my mirror with a big heart and an “I love you” for that “gal in the glass”. The healing begins now.

Master Key Experience Week 5


This week there’s no media picture because that’s how I felt this week…..blank. I faced yet another challenge in True Health and it made my week difficult enough that I thought maybe I should quit. I tried reading with enthusiasm but it wasn’t real enthusiasm. I did the sits but could never come up with an image or place or content spot long enough for it to stick. It would just change or something unpleasant would enter in. I realized that none of my other aspirations in my DMP could come true without True Health and it seems to slip further away even though I’m working on it. I didn’t “feel” the interview….thus it’s incomplete. I don’t like getting behind…I’m terrible at ever completing anything once I’ve lost momentum. So now I face a moment of truth……and I’m indecisive as I hear “blues” can be.

Master Key Experience Week 4

A Haiku for week 4


In quiet stillness

“I” appears and self departs

Golden Buddah shines

Week 4… first I felt perhaps I’ve regressed. Last week I carried a Golden sun around in my solar plexus easily, like an impregnated happy young mother, I imagined it there all week and still can. But this week there was a shift….at first. Trying to sit still and quiet and release tension and the conditions of hatred, anger,worry,jealousy,envy,sorrow , trouble or disappointment of any kind. In the sit it seemed simple enough, but then those PTSD moments that hit….BAM! And disappointment jeered it’s face, worry sneaked in like an unexpected dark storm, and I had to start over, and over and over…..trying, trying, trying, until I realized it was in the trying too hard that seemed to be the issue instead of the “letting” of things go and the allowing “I” to rest on the throne of conscious power. Sometimes I try so hard to be the person I want to be that in the trying I’m eliminating the opportunity to allow myself to “…be what I will to be.” “I can be what I will be.” I can…by repetition of the exercise of stillness and silence and allowing the mystery of “I” to settle in . Stillness is not my battlefield but my meadow of peace and tranquility. So if I begin to feel the emotions of any of the adverse conditions I want to release, I can take even a moment and go back to that place….3 long breaths, eyes closed, let go….allow myself to see where they came from and then let them pass through like a cloud in the breeze and feel the presence of the Omnipresence of power. I AM GOLDEN!

Master Key Experience Week 3

Infinite Strength

“When fear is effectually and completely destroyed, your light will shine, the clouds will disperse and you will have found the source of power, energy and life.” Charles F Haanel

When I was a very little girl, I used to have to run and hide. My favorite hiding place was a very old and tall and huge avocado tree. I used to shimmy up the branches until I got to my safe place, a branch that was strong enough to hold me high up where I could feel the sun shine on my face. The warmth wrapped me like a blanket and that light from the sun was my Mashiach, my saving grace, my comfort. I could let go of all fear and felt safe in the light of the sun. So this week, in the reading of Haanel, I felt a familiar friend. This friend came right in time….

I was challenged this week …..right smack in the DMP! True Health! Waiting for diagnostics to come back my first thought was hang on! But the thought was laced with fear until I sat and read and practiced bringing my old friend, the sun, back to the little girl inside, and I held it within my solar plexus in my mind with all of my might! I lay my hand there and held it and I swear I could feel it’s radiance!

v12. ” Conscious thought, then, is master of this sun centre from which the life and energy of the entire body flows….”

More than words…these words will , NO! MUST! become directed to my subconscious so that my plans and ideas will come to fruition and any undesirable conditions will be like a passing breeze…never to return. I’m challenged, but I take up the challenge and hold on to my old friend, the sun, now within my body. I caress it…carry it , and allow it to radiate it’s courage.

All week long I walked around imagining the sun in my solar plexus radiating it’s light…..

v 19 ” A knowledge of our ability to consciously radiate health……because we are in touch with Infinite Strength” (words of Charles F. Haanel)

I just revisited a testimony of a Dr a little over a week ago who was able to reconstruct his spine through meditation after hours and hours of failed attempts. He had been hit while riding his bike by a truck and his prognosis was anything but hopeful. Wheelchair confined , he refused the surgery that would have left him with severe limited mobility. But he found that place inside and reconstructed his spine in his conscious thought , over and over until he reached perfection. He found that Infinite Strength ( where the “Un-create becomes create” Haanel v10) and now shares that ability to radiate health…true health…to others. He’s my hero!

Hello Sun! in my sympathetic system called my solar plexus! Thanks for never leaving me! I’m glad I’ve found you again!

*Quotes are from The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel

Master Key Experience Week 2 of 25

me and horse 2016

Giddy up! It’s going to be quite a ride!

“Giddy up!” The words Mark Januszewski says haunt my brain…in a good way! I hear it when I get up every day!

“Hurry up and slow down!” He said, to make sure the scholarship apps were submitted correctly. But now, in week 2, those words still stick in my brain and I find myself slowing down enough to do my sit, meditate on the words of Hannel, and OG Mandino,my life, my vision, then hurrying to take action! “Do it it now…do it now!” 25 times a couple of times a day I read them out loud with enthusiasm , but I hear them just about every time I start to procrastinate to get the most important activities of the day done. I even started singing his little quotes; weaving them into silly songs as I drive the highway between Spokane Washington and Coeur d Alene Idaho on my weekly business trips! I love that guy! His enthusiasm is infectious!

There’s a joy that comes when one begins a journey to discover one’s true inner-child and when experiencing the beginnings of becoming a dream-weaver! I look up in the camera screen as I take a picture of the forest after this week’s snow storm, and I notice the BLUE RECTANGLE of sky in the view-screen! I found one! It seems more beautiful than ever! It’s going to be a great ride! Giddy-up!

Masterkey Experience Continuation 1, Week 25

I DID IT! COMMENCEMENT! Masterkey Experience!


What a thrilling experience to come to the end of what is the equivalent of nearly 2 college semesters and realize that I have only come to the end to find the beginning! It is the beginning of a journey on a new path of being a self-directed thinker and the beginning of self-realization of my true self. It is the beginning of transferring new habits that I have learned to bring my future self into the present. It is the beginning of the next chapter of bringing my inner world to manifest in the outer world and the beginning of a higher connection to the greater good of all. It is a beginning of long-lasting friendships that I’ve made on this 6 month journey.

I’ve learned more than I have from any college course that I’ve ever attended, and the subject was much more important than any, because the subject was ME, and my Subconscious. I can live without the degree in law, the doctorate, the MBA, but I can no longer live without knowing that I’m life’s greatest miracle , as we all are, and that I have a true purpose in our world that I now have a greater connection to.

Thanks to my guide and all of the MKE staff for their servitude , to the alliance of  members in MKE, and to the benevolence of the Master of the Universe for always having my back and leading me to the Master Key Experience!

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