Masterkey Experience Continuation 1, Week 25

I DID IT! COMMENCEMENT! Masterkey Experience!


What a thrilling experience to come to the end of what is the equivalent of nearly 2 college semesters and realize that I have only come to the end to find the beginning! It is the beginning of a journey on a new path of being a self-directed thinker and the beginning of self-realization of my true self. It is the beginning of transferring new habits that I have learned to bring my future self into the present. It is the beginning of the next chapter of bringing my inner world to manifest in the outer world and the beginning of a higher connection to the greater good of all. It is a beginning of long-lasting friendships that I’ve made on this 6 month journey.

I’ve learned more than I have from any college course that I’ve ever attended, and the subject was much more important than any, because the subject was ME, and my Subconscious. I can live without the degree in law, the doctorate, the MBA, but I can no longer live without knowing that I’m life’s greatest miracle , as we all are, and that I have a true purpose in our world that I now have a greater connection to.

Thanks to my guide and all of the MKE staff for their servitude , to the alliance of  members in MKE, and to the benevolence of the Master of the Universe for always having my back and leading me to the Master Key Experience!

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Master Key Experience Week 19

The Quality of a Life

Had I not been reading Obituaries this week again, I may have overlooked an article in this past weeks paper :   mke wk 19.3 pic blog

It was an interview of a local Spokane woman , Barbara Anderson, who is the mother of late Astronaut Michael P. Anderson, and marks the 15 year since the Space Shuttle mke wk 19.2 picChallenger disaster in which he lost his life.

The article said that Barbara would not waste time being angry, or making an event about her son’s death, but go about her day except to reminisce about her son with her daughters, and thinks of his daughters and how they persevered after the tragedy. But she did have this to say:


mke blog 19.1 pic

I thought about that. I thought about the other obituaries I read, and the lives that seemed to be designed with a purpose seemed to have the longest list of friends and relatives and were written with gratitude.

I went on to read about what Commander Anderson’s mom described his quality of life to be. He was humble , in harmony with science and religion, humble, never thought about and wasn’t interested in the color of his skin. “He was focused, and when he decided he was going to do something , he didn’t really talk about it, he just did it”. She said his parents had not even known he was applying to join the space program until after he landed the interview. She said her son would have preferred to have been called a role model and not a hero as the history books now call him.

I reminisced about the other lives we have looked at and studied through the MKE process, the Heroes Journey, the tribe members who are succeeding, the guides and leaders and their journeys.

I thought about my own life, and the kind of role model I want to be to my 6 kids,  young adults now, pursuing dreams of their own. I realized that the quality of my life will equal the quality of my perseverance,   and presently I may even say that the quality of my life will be the quality of my efforts in my experience with MKE.   Why would I say that? Because these tools it has given me work! They work where others have not. There’s science behind it. I’m experiencing a shift. I’m happier! I’m manifesting things in place of worrying about things.

For a couple of weeks, I was dealing with some health issues and got in a bit of a slump and didn’t put in the effort like I had at the beginning, and there was a noticeable difference in my moods, my progression and my thought patterns. So, I just began again to do the work! I’m glad I didn’t give in to the old patterns of sabotage and thinking I’m not worth it! I was pretending not to know that I have value, a purpose and that I’m life’s greatest miracle!

I encourage anyone else whose efforts had dwindled down to pick up the challenge once again! I’m grateful to MKE for the change I see and feel in my life, and for the tribe members who I’m meeting along the way! I’m changing the quality of my life!

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Master Key Experience Week 14

october sky rocket dreamRocket Boys

Movie Week for MKE…..

I had not ever seen October Sky and didn’t realize it was a true story. I watched Cool Runnings previously, but now on New Year’s Eve I settled in to watch someone’s dream come true.

“To dream is not enough. You have to do. As O’Dell said in Rocket Boys, ‘A rocket won’t fly unless somebody lights the fuse.’”

Homer Hickamoctober sky alliance winter

It was obvious that Homer had a definite major purpose after seeing the Sputnik Satellite. He had to have a considerable amount of Positive Mental Attitude to carry out his Plan of Action that entailed Masterminding and teaching himself calculus and equations above and beyond his present education and abilities in order to carry out the building of a high tech rocket that would win the team of boys the highest award at the state science fair. To do it in the face of adversity against his fathers wishes, then to win over the adversity at the end of the movie and gain his father’s support was touching, and I hope that part was true.

What is true, however is that since his accomplishment, he went on to work for NASA not only as an engineer, but also as a trainer, a researcher, a developer, etc; etc;

Since then, he also discovered 2 of the 40  Tyrannosaur Rexes ever found after gaining an interest in paleontology , according to an article written by Eric Butterman, who interviewed Homer Hickam. He has now gone on to become an American Best Selling author with his book Rocket Boys , followed by another book inspired by his dinosaur discovery and is writing another series that I just can imagine will make another movie episode.  He doesn’t stop dreaming and he definitely has the Nike saying down to a science…”just do it,” and he does it again and again. I’m glad I researched to see where he had gone from here. Seeing all of his accomplishments has really been an inspiration. Homer Hickam is someone who I would love to meet someday.

Just a note: The movie ended right about midnight, so in the final scene as his father pushed the button and the rocket soared off, outside New Years Eve fireworks went off and added some extra excitement to the climatic conclusion of the story!

Master Key Experience Week 13

winter proWinter and MKE

Winter….the season of rooting down deep…becoming dormant…hibernation…enjoying the harvest….celebrating with lights…..sometimes being cold and wishing I was in Hawaii….

Maybe it’s the habit of grabbing a warm cup of tea and curling up to get warm that slows me down in winter, or just the nature of the season itself. I become a bit withdrawn due partially to the cold, but the quietness of the snow falling mesmerizes me into idle thought of faraway places and wondering what my kids are up to, and wondering …wondering …wondering…

My thoughts drift away into the winter air…my cup is empty…I’m drawn back to reality…I see my pile of cards and pick them up and read the accomplishments that sometimes seem so menial…then remember that Subby doesn’t know the difference. Why am I doing this again? Are these the building blocks Davene was talking about in the first lesson; the many parts to building that bridge?

….the accomplishment on the card makes me smile…then for a second, it turns to sadness as I recall the time frame in which it took place…not a good memory…QUICKLY …I call on the LAW OF SUBSTITUTION to change my thought pattern….too much mental effort! Maybe I need to call on the LAW OF RELAXATION FIRST! …..this mental battle seems like a lot of effort and work….but with the LAW OF PRACTICE, one day it will bear good seed…I continue to till the soil with my cards…pull weeds….plant thoughts….” Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance”….LAW OF PRACTICE

I’m done flipping through the cards…..

Moving to my next agenda, I notice my thoughts are constructive. Planned out in OATS…. I look out the window and notice a “green triangle” in the neighbors window sparkling with lights……TRUE HEALTH. I feel good…On to exercise and then the juicer…then to meet up with a fellow musician …my DMP is alive and well!

….this winter….this winter will be different! I may still be cold and wish I was in Hawaii…nothing wrong with that!!! 🙂

Masterkey Experience Week 12

my ghosts….

The cards….

Things I accomplished…

Was on the honor roll, received honor pin, was Miss Wheelchair Nevada, was appointed to  the Governor’s  Committee for Employment of the Handicapped, was Speaker of the House, Lobbied in the Senate, got writings published, Saved a life….

Subby…..linking memories …

this all happened during a tumultuous near decade of my life I wanted to put to rest and forget about. But here it was like the ghost of Christmas Past …. and the Mental Diet came crashing down! Not words, but lots of thoughts, then  tears…..

ghost of christmas pastI thought about bailing, but then… I really just wanted to get on with the exercise but I felt chained by those ghosts. I put the cards down. I froze. I froze all week and finally called my guide. She helped me modify the exercise of accomplishments on those cards to the more recent so that I could move in a forward direction.


The lights comforted me, softened the memories and faded them to where they needed to be, and allowed me to see the light in the darkness and see the experiences for what they were… times that allowed me to prevail and I realized that my future  hannukah 17i

self is who it is because of them. All seems good now…… I can move forward.

I moved more cautiously this week….   less action and more contemplation. I’m a little off track… a little off balance… Starting the mental diet again. But I didn’t bail.  The ghosts of the past were not so scary after all.

Enlightened a bit more with each candle and moving on….back to my DMP

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Masterkey Experience Week 11

Induction….a natural occurrence

order image

Reading this weeks lesson reminded me of something I once learned in Chassidic thought.

roots in ground

Verse 28 ” The spirit which sleeps in the mineral, breathes in the vegetable, moves in the animal and reaches its highest development in man is the Universal Mind, and it behooves us to span the gulf between being and doing, theory and practice, by demonstrating our understanding of the dominion which we have been given.”

To understand this is humbling. An example given in Chassidism is that the inanimate mineral is taken up by the growing carrot giving it life. Man, then, picks this carrot. The carrot and the mineral don’t die…they are elevated in life when they become part of the building blocks that the man needs for nourishment and growth. Those enzymes, invisible to the eye in the carrot, and those once inanimate minerals have now become part of the man’s LIFE…thus being elevated to a higher form living on in this superior being. They have reached a higher state of being! These life forms now connected and inducted into a higher realm.

carrot in hand

When I think about the privilege we’ve been given in this world, I have great respect for all beings and life that are connected to my own. I’m in awe of the law and order of the universe.

In the same way as the mineral and carrot becomes elevated, imagination becomes thought, and by faith, action, and through action dreams become things and are elevated into the outer world!

universe image      mind intellegence

The Universal Intelligence created a perfect order by which things live, grow, manifest, and live in the physical and spiritual realm of mind. It’s amazing and wonderful!

I have the privilege of bringing the inner world to the outer world and I’m in awe!

Masterkey Experience Week 9/10

Broken Promises……

Blank slates….

I spent week 9 watching replays…trying to figure out what I was missing…just feel I’m missing something. I wrote my blog..but didn’t manage to get the post up. I fought with the PC…it won. I broke another promise.


Week 10….I got news that my youngest daughter who resides in Israel was struck by a hit and run driver while riding her bike and was en route to the hospital in an ambulance. I could think of nothing but her and my failure to be self-sufficient enough to have the funds to catch a plane to the middle east. I know I need to make a change. I’ve made mistakes trying. I need to be with her. She needs her mom. I cried. But then I snapped around enough to read and sit, but I couldn’t calm my mind and I didn’t participate except to ask my tribe to have positive thoughts for us on marco polo.

Grateful….thank you tribe!

Life goes on……