Master Key Experience week 7 …already?

sing blog pic mkeGeez…the time is flying and I’m glad I’m progressing, even though technical challenges make it seem otherwise. Lost an entire piece while editing….(where did it go?) …tried my hand at trying to scale photos into a collage….not quite the result I wanted..but I tried. But on the good side of things I finally, finally, was able to sit for 15 minutes without a twitch! You may laugh but for me that’s one giant leap! My Dream board is slowly evolving. I had to get a fold up travel one because I’m often away house/pet sitting and even though this week I could cause my clients nightmares if they came home to things posted all over the house, I’m  having more fun! This week I found a pack of multicolor avery labels as I was packing and brought them with me. I cut out the shapes…yellow squares, green triangles, red circles and blue rectangles from the brightly colored labels until I had a small sandwich bag half full of these little sticker tapes and used them to tape up the gal in the mirror, notes to self on the edge of my pc, to do lists, grocery list, and stuck some in various places that I would run across during mundane tasks. There’s one in my overnight bag, one on the deodorant container, my wallet, etc; I don’t have a printer here so I have had to trace the printed shapes from last week and color them in with the colored CRAYOLA pencils. I have found 5 different versions of Star Trek Theme music which I keep playing in the background during chores and while dressing for the day. It keeps me connected to my DMP while I’m not reading it along. I can still hear it in my head. I opened up my clients’ cupboard and picked a random coffee cup out and it said Hawaii. My daughter dropped in for Shabbat dinner tonight and my positivism remained even when she made a comment that I might have responded to last week. But my thought didn’t last 2 seconds before I silently thought ” I love you” and of all things she put on for us to watch after dinner was Illuminations SING, a cartoon movie. How appropriate! It’s about a bunch of singing animals who try out for a singing contest at a theater on the verge of collapse. One particular elephant is unsure of herself until she opens up. That’s me and my DMP! I had stopped singing years ago and didn’t know I even wanted to sing again until MKE. Although I’m not quite as professional as in the past, I’m enjoying it! And even if it just remains a joyful past time, it has freed me up to feel again and now my creativity is stirred! Ideas are keeping me up at night! I took a big leap and went on LinkedIn and  changed my profile so people know that I have a non-profit underway to raise money (how? idk) for under insured who seek holistic care for cancer that providers don’t pay for. It’s part of my dmp. I was typing it all in and at the same time wondering why I stepped out this soon and who was I going to collaborate with and who will help? etc etc; but the more I step out the more people show up in my life, even if it’s to put on a crazy cartoon for the universe to remind me that I am right where I belong at this time in my life doing just what I’m supposed to be doing.


Author: bobbistargazer

I am a newby at blogging... I'm a single empty nester of 6 of 7 born children, and on a journey of rediscovery along with a family of fellow participants in the MasterKey Experience. "If I am not for me, then who?" are words that ring loudly in my memory that I learned from Pirket Avot. I enjoy and care about the earth, stars, living things, music, theater, love my children and am adamant about saving the future of our world and it's inhabitants. Please share my journey with me as I search for my lifes purpose.

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