Masterkey Experience Week 8*

All In?       profile oct 17

……Thought I just about was until the week 8 webinar. Watched it 3 X.

Self examination:

Diagnosis:  Incongruityimage for week 8 prognosis


This subject has the aptitude and ability to manifest True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression if she will just keep her promises and learned the prescribed methods, however, at present she is addicted to stress. She subconsciously procrastinates and side tracks activities in order to cause a chaotic state of catching up and rushing to beat the clock, possibly due to her years as a single working mom of 6 active children along with volunteering and college studies wherein this was a true state. She must learn to be productive or she will sabotage her best efforts.

Prescription:                   rx image


Also this subject needs to Form a new Neuro-net. I am sending her to MKMMA for therapy where she will do daily “sits”, read the prescribed materials, repeat out loud 25X twice a day “do it now”  and link…link…link! Until she listens to the world within herself and heeds the call. Once she forms a new reality…BAM! She’ll get the cure if she takes the pill, thus forming new peptides!

Follow up:                                  Mke collage 11-11-17

I suggest weekly follow-up until she reaches 27 weeks, and more associations with others on her path to awareness and more leveraging….Colors, shapes, dream board, feelings, simple tasks…Mastermind. Self accountability ie; Gal in the Glass!










Author: bobbistargazer

I am a newby at blogging... I'm a single empty nester of 6 of 7 born children, and on a journey of rediscovery along with a family of fellow participants in the MasterKey Experience. "If I am not for me, then who?" are words that ring loudly in my memory that I learned from Pirket Avot. I enjoy and care about the earth, stars, living things, music, theater, love my children and am adamant about saving the future of our world and it's inhabitants. Please share my journey with me as I search for my lifes purpose.

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