Masterkey Experience Week 12

my ghosts….

The cards….

Things I accomplished…

Was on the honor roll, received honor pin, was Miss Wheelchair Nevada, was appointed to  the Governor’s  Committee for Employment of the Handicapped, was Speaker of the House, Lobbied in the Senate, got writings published, Saved a life….

Subby…..linking memories …

this all happened during a tumultuous near decade of my life I wanted to put to rest and forget about. But here it was like the ghost of Christmas Past …. and the Mental Diet came crashing down! Not words, but lots of thoughts, then  tears…..

ghost of christmas pastI thought about bailing, but then… I really just wanted to get on with the exercise but I felt chained by those ghosts. I put the cards down. I froze. I froze all week and finally called my guide. She helped me modify the exercise of accomplishments on those cards to the more recent so that I could move in a forward direction.


The lights comforted me, softened the memories and faded them to where they needed to be, and allowed me to see the light in the darkness and see the experiences for what they were… times that allowed me to prevail and I realized that my future  hannukah 17i

self is who it is because of them. All seems good now…… I can move forward.

I moved more cautiously this week….   less action and more contemplation. I’m a little off track… a little off balance… Starting the mental diet again. But I didn’t bail.  The ghosts of the past were not so scary after all.

Enlightened a bit more with each candle and moving on….back to my DMP

candle ghost of christmas past jpeg






Author: bobbistargazer

I am a newby at blogging... I'm a single empty nester of 6 of 7 born children, and on a journey of rediscovery along with a family of fellow participants in the MasterKey Experience. "If I am not for me, then who?" are words that ring loudly in my memory that I learned from Pirket Avot. I enjoy and care about the earth, stars, living things, music, theater, love my children and am adamant about saving the future of our world and it's inhabitants. Please share my journey with me as I search for my lifes purpose.

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