Master Key Experience Week 13

winter proWinter and MKE

Winter….the season of rooting down deep…becoming dormant…hibernation…enjoying the harvest….celebrating with lights…..sometimes being cold and wishing I was in Hawaii….

Maybe it’s the habit of grabbing a warm cup of tea and curling up to get warm that slows me down in winter, or just the nature of the season itself. I become a bit withdrawn due partially to the cold, but the quietness of the snow falling mesmerizes me into idle thought of faraway places and wondering what my kids are up to, and wondering …wondering …wondering…

My thoughts drift away into the winter air…my cup is empty…I’m drawn back to reality…I see my pile of cards and pick them up and read the accomplishments that sometimes seem so menial…then remember that Subby doesn’t know the difference. Why am I doing this again? Are these the building blocks Davene was talking about in the first lesson; the many parts to building that bridge?

….the accomplishment on the card makes me smile…then for a second, it turns to sadness as I recall the time frame in which it took place…not a good memory…QUICKLY …I call on the LAW OF SUBSTITUTION to change my thought pattern….too much mental effort! Maybe I need to call on the LAW OF RELAXATION FIRST! …..this mental battle seems like a lot of effort and work….but with the LAW OF PRACTICE, one day it will bear good seed…I continue to till the soil with my cards…pull weeds….plant thoughts….” Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance”….LAW OF PRACTICE

I’m done flipping through the cards…..

Moving to my next agenda, I notice my thoughts are constructive. Planned out in OATS…. I look out the window and notice a “green triangle” in the neighbors window sparkling with lights……TRUE HEALTH. I feel good…On to exercise and then the juicer…then to meet up with a fellow musician …my DMP is alive and well!

….this winter….this winter will be different! I may still be cold and wish I was in Hawaii…nothing wrong with that!!! 🙂


Author: bobbistargazer

I am a newby at blogging... I'm a single empty nester of 6 of 7 born children, and on a journey of rediscovery along with a family of fellow participants in the MasterKey Experience. "If I am not for me, then who?" are words that ring loudly in my memory that I learned from Pirket Avot. I enjoy and care about the earth, stars, living things, music, theater, love my children and am adamant about saving the future of our world and it's inhabitants. Please share my journey with me as I search for my lifes purpose.

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