Master Key Experience Week 14

october sky rocket dreamRocket Boys

Movie Week for MKE…..

I had not ever seen October Sky and didn’t realize it was a true story. I watched Cool Runnings previously, but now on New Year’s Eve I settled in to watch someone’s dream come true.

“To dream is not enough. You have to do. As O’Dell said in Rocket Boys, ‘A rocket won’t fly unless somebody lights the fuse.’”

Homer Hickamoctober sky alliance winter

It was obvious that Homer had a definite major purpose after seeing the Sputnik Satellite. He had to have a considerable amount of Positive Mental Attitude to carry out his Plan of Action that entailed Masterminding and teaching himself calculus and equations above and beyond his present education and abilities in order to carry out the building of a high tech rocket that would win the team of boys the highest award at the state science fair. To do it in the face of adversity against his fathers wishes, then to win over the adversity at the end of the movie and gain his father’s support was touching, and I hope that part was true.

What is true, however is that since his accomplishment, he went on to work for NASA not only as an engineer, but also as a trainer, a researcher, a developer, etc; etc;

Since then, he also discovered 2 of the 40  Tyrannosaur Rexes ever found after gaining an interest in paleontology , according to an article written by Eric Butterman, who interviewed Homer Hickam. He has now gone on to become an American Best Selling author with his book Rocket Boys , followed by another book inspired by his dinosaur discovery and is writing another series that I just can imagine will make another movie episode.  He doesn’t stop dreaming and he definitely has the Nike saying down to a science…”just do it,” and he does it again and again. I’m glad I researched to see where he had gone from here. Seeing all of his accomplishments has really been an inspiration. Homer Hickam is someone who I would love to meet someday.

Just a note: The movie ended right about midnight, so in the final scene as his father pushed the button and the rocket soared off, outside New Years Eve fireworks went off and added some extra excitement to the climatic conclusion of the story!


Author: bobbistargazer

I am a newby at blogging... I'm a single empty nester of 6 of 7 born children, and on a journey of rediscovery along with a family of fellow participants in the MasterKey Experience. "If I am not for me, then who?" are words that ring loudly in my memory that I learned from Pirket Avot. I enjoy and care about the earth, stars, living things, music, theater, love my children and am adamant about saving the future of our world and it's inhabitants. Please share my journey with me as I search for my lifes purpose.

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